Friday 14th June

June 13th 2019 BY Kamil Choleva NO COMMENTS

A) 15 min, 5 sets
15-20s Freestanding HS (spot if needed – this is just for support and balance, not holding someone up in the HS)
20-30s HS hold with Kick up to the wall
20 – 30s Wall walk up as close to wall as comfortable for a HS hold plus practice 3-5 kick ups
30-60s Straight arm plank hold
All must be in hollow body
12 banded straight arm pull downs

B) 15 min
5 rounds 90s on 90s off
20 Push-ups / kneeling / from the box / scale numbers
Max reps Burpee box jumps

* Score total burpee box jumps across the 5 rounds.


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