Monday 10th June

June 9th 2019 BY Kamil Choleva NO COMMENTS

A) 12 min, 4 sets
8 BTN Strict press (Use regular front rack if struggling)
3-5 BTN pull-ups (traps to bar)
3-5 pull-ups (add weight if possible)
3-5 chin-ups
(partner assisted or -ves where needed)
10-12 ring rows
(Use angle to get the right difficulty)

B) 8 min, 3 sets
Max reps stable dips
-ve stable dips (push up on toes and take off for the lowering portion)
Tiptoe support dips
8 DB rows each arm

C) 12 min cap 24/5/19 repeat
6 rounds, Double KBs:
8 Sumo DL
7 cleans
6 front squats 24/20 16/12 12/8
3 BMU 5 Pull-ups 7 jumping

D) Ring shoulder stretches


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