Saturday 1st December

November 30th 2018 BY Adam Bailey NO COMMENTS

A) 15 min to max out:
Hang snatch
If newer to the lift work on 5 x 5 hang power snatch

B) 12min E2MOM
Sets 1-3:
3-5 overhead squats
Sets 4-6:
1-3 overhead squats
If newer to the movement do 5 reps and if struggling with position restrict depth slightly or go to front squats

Half the group lifting at once, change the weight and second half lift within the 2 min window

C) 18 min paired AMRAP
Complete full round before swapping
10m Plate OH walking lunges
20/15 15/10 10/5
10 Box jumps 24”/20”
10m Plate OH walking lunges
20 Dubs / SUs


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