Sunday 10th March

March 9th 2019 BY Adam Bailey NO COMMENTS

A) 14 min EMOM
1st min:
1-3 strict ring MUs /
3 Banded ring transition (if can already do 1 strict pull-up and dip) /
3-5 negative chin-ups or 10-12 ring rows (Use angle to scale difficulty)

2nd min:
3 candlesticks Extended / Single leg / Tucked

B) HS walk progressions and practice
C) 25 min paired AMRAP
20m (Out and back) each:
HS Walk (partner assisted if needed – chest facing partner) / wheelbarrow walk / bear crawl
50 Partner wall balls
9/6 6/3
30 Pull-ups / jumping while partner hangs from the bar
200m piggy back run (swap as much as you like) / run together


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