Tuesday 12th January

February 11th 2019 BY Adam Bailey NO COMMENTS

A) 12 min EMOM
Even minute
1-5 strict ring MUs
3-5 Banded ring transition (if can already do 1 strict pull-up and dip)
3-5 negative chin-ups (step up from a j-hook) or 10-12 ring rows (Use angle to scale difficulty)
Odd minute
3 candlesticks
Single leg

B) 8 min, 3 sets
8 DB / KB Z-press
8 Ring rows
feet on box
Straps vertical
Straps 45 degrees
If you did RR in A) do DB rows

C) 16.3 7 Min AMRAP
10 Power snatches 35/25 30/20 20/15
3 Bar muscle ups
6 pull-ups
9 jumping pull-ups

D) Ring shoulder stretches


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