Tuesday 6th November

November 5th 2018 BY Adam Bailey NO COMMENTS

A) 15 min, 5 sets
3-5 strict HS press ups (go deficit if you can)
3 -ve HSPU to deficit (20kg plates) plus 5 pike press ups
5-8 pike press ups, kneeling and / or to an abmat if needed
30-60s plank
Kneeling if needed

B) 20 min Push press Lynne 5 rounds
Max reps push press from the rack @ 70% max or use:
60/40 40/30 20/15
Max reps Pull-ups
(add load if poss)
Chin ups
Assisted chin ups

YG/IG movements.
If you do more than 10 reps on either movement add load or scale up pull-ups for next round. If you do less than 3 reps decrease load or scale down for next round.

D) Ring lat stretch


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