Wednesday 6th March

March 5th 2019 BY Adam Bailey NO COMMENTS

A) 12 min EMOM
1st min:
30s C2wall HS hold /
45 degrees /
All hollow body

2nd min:
20s C2B hold
Pronated /
Supinated (tiptoe support if needed) /
30s C2Ring hold

B) 20 min EMOM
5 rounds
i) 20 V-ups
Hold 5-10 kg plate if possible, tuck if needed
ii) 8 KB push press each arm
20/16 16/12 12/8
iii) 15 Box jumps 24”20
Step up if needed
iv) 8 DB snatch each arm
22.5/15 15/10 7.5/5


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