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  • Monthly Archives: April 2015

    WOD, Tuesday, 21.4.2015

    Warm up: hanging – passive and active 2 x 10 push ups, air squats & sit ups S: Upper body strength: 3 stations, 3 groups, 6 min on each station, then swap. 3-4 sets x 8-10 reps (rows 8+8 each arm), weight needs to be challenging. (quick set up, fast […]

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    WOD, Monday 13.4.2015

    OLY LIFTING W: 10 min Snatch complex EMOM: In pairs with a similar strength! Via progressive warm up sets build up to a weight you are going to use for the EMOM: – Hang power snatch + Power snatch + Hang snatch + Squat snatch These 4 reps with your […]

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    WOD, Thursday, 9.4.15

    HEAVY FRONT SQUATS S: 8 min EMOM (pair up with someone who you can use the same weight on a bar with) – 5 Front squats S: Push press: 4 x 5 Met-con: 5 rounds for time. 13 min time cap. 10 pull ups or 15 ring rows Run 400 […]

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    WOD, Tuesday, 7.4.2015

    Strength: HEAVY BACK SQUATS (2 warm up sets, then following…) 5 sets of 8-6-6-4-4 reps. Increase weight every set alternate sets with: SKILL: Gymnastic 5 sets of one of them: Handstand push ups/ Negative HSPU/ Handstand against a wall, static hold ‘Triangle head stand’ practice MET-CON: Intervals: 30 sec ON/ […]

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    WOD, Friday, 3.4.2015

    EMOM: 10 min, in pairs. – Even minute: 8 front squats (clean it off the ground first) 70/50 50/35-30 35/25-20 – Odd minute: 5 ring dips/ ring push ups + 5 pull ups/ jumping pull ups/ ring rows Met-con: 4 rounds for time: (14 min time cap) – 12 Plate […]

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    WOD, Thursday, 2.4.2015

    SKILL: 4 Gymnastic stations / 2 people at each station / practice 3-4 min on each of them: – Max L-Sit holds on paralets – Muscle ups, either do sets or just practice transition – Toes to bar or K2E, practice timing in kipping – Double unders, practice Met-con: Team […]

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    WOD, Weds, 1.4.2015

    Wednesday, 1.4.2015: G: in 2 groups and practice. 2 sets on each station: ‘triangle’ head stance, from knees on elbows to straight legs, possibly practice kipping against the wall. wall walks OLY LIFTING – Clean & Jerk W: practice a barbel complex. Increase load every set if the form allows. […]

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