Saturday 1st July

20 min A) Build weight and then 4 working sets Each   2 Hang Cleans 2 Thrusters 4 Front Squats   30min B) Chipper, For Time In Pairs   30 Pull Ups Each Jumping Ring Rows   60 Wall Balls Each 9/6 6/5 5/3   10 YG/IG 100m Shuttles (5 each)   90 Air Squats […]

Friday 30th June

10min A) Pull Ups 5×4 Pull Ups (Weighted) Assisted (Partner holding feet behind), Feet On Box Behind   8min B) Wall Walks 4×3 Stop at line/ roughly 45deg and hold for 15 – 10 – 5sec.   C) 8min 6min AMRAP Alternating sets of TGU x2 each side   D)  5 x 30s on 30s […]

Thursday 28th June

A) Back Squat 4×6 B) 6 Rounds for time 16 Goblet Lunges (8ES) 32/24 24/16 16/12 12 T2B/ K2E/ High Knees 8 Box Jumps   16min time cap  

Wednesday 27th June

A) Push Press 5×5   B) 3x5min On 1min off In pairs, accumulate as many Cals as possible on the Row/Ski/Bike. Break Up how you want. Move to next station in the minute break.    

Tuesday 27th June

30mins A) 5 working sets   2 Hang Power Snatch, 4 OH Squats, Drop Bar then 4 excellent wide grip Deads.   10min B) Double Chunder   Every 5mins complete 20 Burpees, 40 Air Squats then as many DU’s as possible. 10min AMRAP score = double unders

Monday 26th June

Muscle Up Assistance   10min A) Ring Dips 5×5 Stable Box Dips 5×5 Stable Feet on Floor 5×6   10min B) 4×3 False Grip Pull Ups, 4×4 – 6 F.Grip Ring rows   10min C) 8min AMRAP 10 OH Plate Lunges (5ES) 10 Burpees to plate 20/15kg  15/10kg  10/5kg

Sunday 25th June

A) Front Squat 5×5   B) 3 Rounds For Time   10 Burpee Box Jumps 20 Russian Swings 32/24 24/16 16/12

Saturday 24th June

5x5min on 1min Off (Work on a station for 5mins with partner then 1min to move round to next station and get sent up),   Double KB Front Rack Carry (Out and back twice),   Resisted Partner Bear Crawl (Out and Back twice then swap),   D-Ball/ Sand Bag GTS sets of 4 (x2 Each […]

Friday da 23rd June

15min A) Sumo Deadlift 5×4 10min B) Lateral Lunges, with KB if Appropriate 4×8 4ES 10min C) 20 burpees rest 60sec exactly, 5 rounds Score = Total time  

Thursday da 22nd June

20min A) 6×20 – 30sec Hand stand Holds walking in backwards, 6×20 – 30sec 45deg Wall Walk Plank position Press Up Shoulder Taps(20) SS Beat Swings 6×10 Or Hang Progressions: Passive 30sec – Active 30sec, Passive – Active Pulls 60sec, Single Arm Assisted, Active – Passive Pulls (vertical Bar) 30sec, Single Arm Active – Passive […]