Friday 1st September

A) 4×4 Back squats   B) 3×6 Supinated Bent over row superset 3×6 strict press   Find a weight which accommodates both movements and perfom 3 sets   C) 3×8 barbell bicep curls superset with max effort press ups   Or find appropriate progression to elicit 3×8 Press Ups Full Ab Mats Ring/Incline  

Thursday 31st August

A) Clean and Jerk   6×2 – 5 reps   B) 5 rounds through 45sec on 15sec Off   Air Squats, Russian Swings, 24/16 16/12 12 Press Ups/ Rings   Score = Reps  

Wednesday 30th August

A) 8 sets each of 12 Double KB Swings and 12 reverse front rack lunges   B) In pairs 2min on 2min off 4 sets each   Burpee box jump overs, 24/20 20/ Plates Broad   Score = reps   Be careful  

Tuesday 29th August

A) Ring Dips 5×3 loaded Stable Box Dips 5×5 (controlled descent with with 2-3 sec pause at bottom is aim) Ring Support 10-20   Stable Support 20 – 30sec   SS   5×5 Bicep curls using bars, (no swing of body, isolate arm, 1 up and 3 down),   B) 15min YG/IG AMRAP   7 […]

Monday 28th August

A) Deadlift 5×5 reset each rep,   B) In Pairs 6 YG/IG Rounds each   6 Hang Power Cleans 12 Front Squats 40/30 30/20 20/15   Aim for unbroken rounds, so think about cycling pace and efficiency.  

Friday 25th August

A) 4 sets each building weight but just get good movement in   5 Supinated bent over rows,   Adjust grip   5 Hang Power Cleans   Bar on back   5 OH Squats or behind the neck push press if strugglers with squat or push press if strugglers with wide grip reset. Allow normal […]

Thursday 24th August

A) Hand Stand work, aim 2 x ME sets of strict then 2 x kipping,     Plank Hollow body 3x30sec on 30sec off as group, progress to plank shoulder taps,   Group active hang (accumulate 60sec), check positions,   YG/IG Wall Walks 3 reps each but take time,   Pike hold/ back to wall negatives/ […]

Wednesday 23rd August

A) Back Squat 5×5 85%   B) 3min to complete 100 DU’s / 200 singles 1min Off   3min to complete 50 Wall Ball Shots 9/7 7/5 5/3   Half start on one part of the workout and half the other.   Score = Time  

Tuesday 22nd August

30min cut off   A) 10 Rounds of 5 Strict Pull ups (aim for chest to bar reps)  5 chin ups with feet on box.   15 Burpees Aim for unbroken sets of burpees and establish appropriate pace, time yourself each round and try and keep consistent pace, 30min cut off   B) 4 Rounds […]

Monday 21st August

A) 5 x 5 Touch and Go Clusters, build weight but just efficient movement.   Break up the set and even reduce to 3/4  reps if necessary if learning the movement. Resetting from the floor if struggling with start position?   B) 8min YG/IG AMRAP 8 T2B K2E Hanging knee raise 8 Front Squats 60/40 […]