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  • Monthly Archives: August 2017

    Friday 1st September

    A) 4×4 Back squats   B) 3×6 Supinated Bent over row superset 3×6 strict press   Find a weight which accommodates both movements and perfom 3 sets   C) 3×8 barbell bicep curls superset with max effort press ups   Or find appropriate progression to elicit 3×8 Press Ups Full […]

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    Wednesday 30th August

    A) 8 sets each of 12 Double KB Swings and 12 reverse front rack lunges   B) In pairs 2min on 2min off 4 sets each   Burpee box jump overs, 24/20 20/ Plates Broad   Score = reps   Be careful  

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    Tuesday 29th August

    A) Ring Dips 5×3 loaded Stable Box Dips 5×5 (controlled descent with with 2-3 sec pause at bottom is aim) Ring Support 10-20   Stable Support 20 – 30sec   SS   5×5 Bicep curls using bars, (no swing of body, isolate arm, 1 up and 3 down),   B) […]

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    Monday 28th August

    A) Deadlift 5×5 reset each rep,   B) In Pairs 6 YG/IG Rounds each   6 Hang Power Cleans 12 Front Squats 40/30 30/20 20/15   Aim for unbroken rounds, so think about cycling pace and efficiency.  

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    Friday 25th August

    A) 4 sets each building weight but just get good movement in   5 Supinated bent over rows,   Adjust grip   5 Hang Power Cleans   Bar on back   5 OH Squats or behind the neck push press if strugglers with squat or push press if strugglers with […]

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    Thursday 24th August

    A) Hand Stand work, aim 2 x ME sets of strict then 2 x kipping,     Plank Hollow body 3x30sec on 30sec off as group, progress to plank shoulder taps,   Group active hang (accumulate 60sec), check positions,   YG/IG Wall Walks 3 reps each but take time,   Pike […]

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    Wednesday 23rd August

    A) Back Squat 5×5 85%   B) 3min to complete 100 DU’s / 200 singles 1min Off   3min to complete 50 Wall Ball Shots 9/7 7/5 5/3   Half start on one part of the workout and half the other.   Score = Time  

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    Tuesday 22nd August

    30min cut off   A) 10 Rounds of 5 Strict Pull ups (aim for chest to bar reps)  5 chin ups with feet on box.   15 Burpees Aim for unbroken sets of burpees and establish appropriate pace, time yourself each round and try and keep consistent pace, 30min cut […]

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    Monday 21st August

    A) 5 x 5 Touch and Go Clusters, build weight but just efficient movement.   Break up the set and even reduce to 3/4  reps if necessary if learning the movement. Resetting from the floor if struggling with start position?   B) 8min YG/IG AMRAP 8 T2B K2E Hanging knee […]

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