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  • Monthly Archives: September 2017

    Saturday 30th September

    The DON in pairs 66 reps of each exercise with a 40min cut off   66 Deadlifts 60/40 40/30 20/15 66 Box Jumps 24/20 66 KB Swings 24/16 16/12 12/9 66 Knees to elbows 66 sit ups 66 pull upsJumping 66 thrusters 30/20 20/15 (use same bar as you did […]

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    Friday 29th September

    A) Back Squat 4×4 Maintenance of same weight as previous week   B) 4×5 Good mornings loaded up with weight if appropriate   SS   4×5 Pronated pull ups Chest to Bar Supinated chest to bar (Assisted if needed, Partner holding feet behind), Supinated chest to bar Feet On Box […]

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    Thursday 28th September

    A) 5×4 Strict Press   SS   X2 TGU, 1 off each side   B) For Time In Pairs and with a 10 min cut off   30 Wall Balls each (one does full 30 then the other) 9/6 6/5 5/3   40 Russian Swings each 32/24 24/16 16/12 (one […]

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    Wednesday 27th September

    A) 4 Working Sets of   5 Bent Over Row, 4 Hang Power Clean, 3 Push Press 2 Front Squats, (3sec down 3sec up)   B) 4×4 Wide Grip Deadlifts   SS   12 Reverse Lunges holding plate Overhead,   8min C) 5 rounds 5 Press Ups Full 3s down […]

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    Tuesday 26th September

    A) Fran: 2 heats, one athlete works, one judges, then swap 21 – 15 – 9 Thrusters 40/30 30/ 20 20/15 Pull ups Jumping pull ups strict ring rows   12 min Cut Off (Done Rig side of gym)   If Complete in sub 5 write down first score but […]

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    Sunday 24th September

    A) Coaches Hand Stand workshop:   Wall Walks x 3, nose to wall and pause,   Try this: 5×5 reps, Start in press Up position and partner lifts you into position from floor, hold for 20sec – 5 sets Partner lifts you to 45 deg – 5 sets,   […]

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    Saturday 23rd September

    A) 12 – 2 T & G Power Snatch in Pairs (Allow reset if struggling with setup position)   Power Cleans if needed,   as you pass through the sets, Increase the weight   After you’ve each completed a set both complete the following work to buy into next set […]

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    Friday 22nd September

    A) Muscle Up Transition Drill, -Start 90/90 pull position, -Aim for mid sternum with hands in contact during pull phase, -Transition with hands touching sides, -Big retraction of shoulders in rings, -Return to start position chest to ring hold moving slowly. -Discipline!, 3 reps unassisted 4 Reps bands 5 Reps […]

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    Thursday 21st September

    A) 4×4 Back Squats Last week was volume so higher intensity on the squats this week. 4 sets   C) 4 Full YG/IG Rounds Each   4 Wall Walks Nose to wall, 45 degrees, 20 shoulder taps each side in plank position 8 Power Snatch 50/35 40/30 30/20 12 Front […]

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    Wednesday 20th September

    A) 8 sets Full Double KB Clean into Push Press x 5   Clean – PP – Clean – PP etc   Or   5 SA KB clean into Push Press then swap   B) 60sec Supinated Grip Horizontal Hold in rig with row every 10sec, if possible try chest […]

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