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  • Monthly Archives: September 2017

    Tuesday 19th September

    Barbell Good Mornings to warm up with   A) 5×3 Cleans   B) 4×4 wide grip Deadlifts – Build from clean weight   C) x2 4min AMRAPS   4min on, 2min off, 4min on   AMRAP 1 – 4min squat into jump over bar,   AMRAP 2 bar jumping burpees […]

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    Monday 18th September

    A) 4×6 Barbell Rollouts SS Hand stand Hold Accumulate 30 – 60sec SS 10 Back extensions with PVC on floor   B) For Time 20 – 2 Wall Ball Shots and 10 – 1 box jumps   20 WB’s, 10 BJ’s, 18 WB’s, 9 BJ’s etc   unbroken sets only […]

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    Sunday 17th September

    A) 5×3-6 Front Squats SS 5×12 RFE Lunges   – Foot flat on plates (x2 25/ x2 15kg), – 6 each side, – Just BW, slow and perfectly upright. – Maintain hip extension and don’t hyperextend lumbar   B) In pairs for time   1 mile run together 25 cleans […]

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    Saturday 16th September

    A) 5 Rounds of Strict Cindy on your own,   5 Pull Ups Strict Pull Ups Feet On Box Behind C2Ring Rows All pull up regressions done with supinated grip   5 Ring Dips or 10 Press Ups (kneeling if needed)   15 Goblet Squats 32/24 24/16 16/12   B) […]

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    Friday 15th September

    5x5min On 1min Off YG/IG stations (work on a station for 5mins then a minute to move round).   Goblet Hold walk with light kettle bell away from body out and back then swap, – No lean back, – Move slowly, – Plank while waiting.   KB Carry out and […]

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    Thursday 14th September

    A) 4×4 Supinated Grip Pull Ups Chest to Bar Assisted (Partner holding feet behind), Feet On Box Behind SS 8 Ring Push Ups 3210 (3sec down, 2 hold, up for 1 and straight into next rep), Straight down/ straight up Incline   B) 5×20 Unbroken Double Russian swings in Pairs […]

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    Wednesday 13th September

    A) In Pairs 10 – 1 Back Squats, Increase weight as you progress through sets but nothing above 70% from 5 onwards   10 Band Pull aparts and 5 cubans with small plates in between sets (slower and 1 arm at a time)   B) 8mins just move SA […]

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    Monday 11th September

    A) Snatch 5×2-4 reps   B) 4 sets Tall Muscle Snatch x3 High Hang Snatch x2 Overhead Squat x3 Drop bar and first pull x3   C) Tabata First Pull. Using empty bar – first pull holds for 20sec at knee and 10sec at shin, 8 rounds.   – Perfom […]

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    Sunday 10th September

    10min alternating TGU’S, try and keep moving. 24/16, 16/12 12/8   B) YG/IG 4×6 Barbell Rollouts   C) 10 YG/IG 100m Shuttles then 10 – 2 American Kettle Bell Swings 32/24 24/16 16/12   I do 10 you do 10, I do 8 you do 8 etc,  

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