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  • Monthly Archives: September 2017

    Saturday 9th September

    15min AMRAP in Pairs   3 Back Squat 100/80 70/50 40/30   6 Push Press 60/40 40/30 30/20   Take your time and only choose appropriate weights, don’t dilly dally around with poor squats. That said Above weights are a guide, if people can do heavier and maintain then great, push press […]

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    Friday 8th September

    A) Pull Ups 4×5 Progressions: Pronated Chest to Bar Supinated chest to bar (Assisted if needed, Partner holding feet behind), Supinated chest to bar Feet On Box Behind All pull up regressions done with supinated grip   SS   4X10 Goblet Step Ups,   B) Work in pairs for 5min […]

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    Wednesday 6th September

    A) 4 sets Muscle Up transition drill (done as slowly as possible with control and major consideration for the purposes of the drill) -Start 90/90 pull position, -Aim for mid sternum with hands in contact during pull phase, -Transition with hands touching sides, -Big retraction of shoulders in rings, -Return […]

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    Tuesday 5th September

    A) Front Squat 5×3   B) 12min EMOM rotate with 4 rounds of each:   6 – 10 Reps Supinated Horizontal Row (no arching, rep range includes all reps chest touching the bar),   4 Walkouts with 2 second pauses,   2 Turkish Get Ups  slow and controlled 32/20, 20/16 […]

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    Monday 4th September

    A) 4×4 Strict Press SS 4×12 Reverse Goblet lunges,   B) In Pairs for time 3 YG/IG  rounds of 20 burpees vs 15 Pull Ups/ Jumping   One person does their set of pull ups, the other their set of burpees,   One person does 3 rounds on burpees and […]

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    Sunday 3rd September

    A) Build weight 6 sets of 1 Power Snatch 2 Hang Snatch, 1 oh Squat   Or simpler complex:   2 hang power snatch, 2 overhead squats to a range you feel comfortable,   B) For time:   4 Rounds   400m Run   10 alternating KB Cleans, 5 each […]

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    Saturday 2nd September

    A) 3×3 Wall Walks SS 3×10 where out and back = 1 Shoot throughs,   (one person on wall walks and one on shoot throughs, then swap)   B) 5x5min stations 30sec on 30sec off working in pairs, accumulate total cals/ reps   Ski erg   AA Bike   Burpees […]

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