Wednesday 1st November

A) Find a 1rm Deadlift   Deadlifts overhand grip until moving towards max weights. B) Average group Deadlift weight multiplied by 10   E.g. 130kg = 1300 DU’s   As a group Complete these DU’s for time but only one person can do DU/ SU at a time,   The rest of you do burpees […]

Tuesday 31st October

A) Ring Dips 4×6 Stable Box Dips 4×6 (controlled descent with with 2-3 sec pause at bottom is aim) + Ring Support 10-20   Tiptoe support stable dips + Stable Support   SS   SL DB RDL 4x 6ES   B) Try and keep moving for 10min   60sec Press Up plank Press up every […]

Monday 30th October

A) 15min window   Find a 1RM Strict Pull Up   Sets of 3 Pull Ups Sets of 3 Chin Ups Supported Chin Ups Feet on box 3 – 5 reps   SS (Not loaded) Pistol practice between pull ups   Sets of 6 Pistol Squats (3ES), PERFECT REPS WITH -VE,   Elevated Pistol Squats […]

Sunday 29th October

A) Front Squat 4×8 (65 – 75%) Rest 90 sec Sumo Deadlift 4×3 Rest 120 sec   B) 3×1 mile run rest 1:1   Average time = score  

Saturday 28th October

A) Hand Stand Partner Drill   Partners legs and feet together on your shoulder, squat – stand press slowly and put feet on other shoulder – 6 reps,   Squat Only   Deadlift Partner’s Feet Up to Hip Height   SS   10 – 20 Butterfly or Kipping Pull Ups, With 3 – […]

Friday 27th October

A) Find a 1rm Press   B) Back of the Leg Snatch Complex,   X2 1st Pull, X2 Power Snatch, X2 Wide Grip RDL, X2 Hang Power Snatch   Or   X2 Wide Grip Deadlift and X2 Hang Power Snatch   Build weight to 4 working Sets,  

Thursday 26th October

A) 15min AMRAP   10 Pistols (5 each side) Elevated Pistols   SL Squat to Box Reverse Lunges   2 TGU’s (1 Each Side)   B) 12min EMOM   20 – 40 DU’s 60sec plank hold for minute 20 – 40 DU’s 60sec Squat Hold for minute 20 – 40 DU’s 60sec Plank hold for […]

Wednesday 25th October

3x10min windows working in pairs, complete 10mins and rotate, 2 pairs on a station,   1) Seated Arnold Press Superset Chin Ups   6 reps and 3 reps   I do a round/ You do a round so you can spot on chins if required,   Regress to box 2) 12 reps, lateral band lunges […]

Tuesday 24th October

A) Find a heavy 3 Overhand grip Deadlift   Drop to 90% and perform 3×3 resetting the reps   B) 12min YG/IG each exercise   First 6mins AMRAP 10 Push Jerk 40/30 30/20 20/15   Second 6mins AMRAP 10 Front Squats 60/40 40/30 30/20

Monday 23rd October

A) 12min EMOM circuit with these 3 exercises   8 Step Ups (4 each side) with KB’s to the side 24/16 16/12 12/8   4 C2B 4 Pull Ups / chin ups Reduce Number Feet on Box Supinated regression options if still struggling   4 Walkouts   B) 12min EMOM   15 / 12 / […]