Friday June 1st

A) In 15 min: Find a 20RM Back squat, then do 2 more sets of 20 @ 85%ish of the 20RM B) 10 min: 3 sets 8 single leg KB deadlifts each leg SS 3 candlesticks Extended Single leg extended Tucked 30s hollow hold C) 10 min 100 AKBS For time 5 Goblet squats EMOM […]

Thursday 31st May

 “Angie”   100/80/60 Pull Ups/ Jumping / Ring Row 100/80/60 Push Ups/ / Kneeling / High Ring Push Ups 100 Sit Ups 100 Air Squats  

Wednesday 30th May

A) 5×2 Hang Snatch, pause 3s at the knee each time Power snatch if mob restricts, sets of 4-5 for those newer to the lift   B) Work In pairs,   15min YG/IG AMRAP   5 Back Squats from the rack 10 Burpees   Complete full rounds,   Pick your own weight,   Score = […]

Tuesday 29th May

A) 10 min to build to 1RM pull up Those still working on pull-ups can try for their first one today or do 4 x 3 assisted reps or -ves   B) 3 sets of max effort strict press @ 50% BW. Try and beat your score from 2 weeks ago. SS 3 sets of […]

Monday 28th May

A) 5 sets build to max weight:   2 Hang Power Cleans 4 Push press 8 Front rack lunge   B) In Pairs   12min AMRAP   21 Wall Ball Shots 15 Muscle Snatch 30/20 20/15 15/10 (Do GTOH if form is poor) 9 Burpees   Alternate each exercise,  

Sunday 27th May

Work on these 6min Stations in 3’s A) 2 x Prowler Push down drag back @ roughly BW, then 5 burpees. Rotate around in your 3 B) Heavy sand bag Carry around Gym. Two bags moving, at once C) Rope Climb   X1 Legless X2 with feet X3 laying start, feet stay on floor 2 […]

Saturday 26th May

Murph.   Run 1mile / 800m / 600m   100 / 80 / 60 Pull Ups / Jumping pull-ups / ring rows 200 / 150 / 100 Push Ups / Kneeling / elevated chest to box 300 / 200 / 100 Air Squats   Run 1mile / 800m / 600m   Sessions will probably all […]

Friday 25th May

A) 12 min to find a 1rm Push Press or 3 depending on training history,   Stress the 3  is not a regression, just more appropriate for newer members   Then, still working out of the rack – Drop to 90% of 1 or 3rm   Do 1 push press Unload bar in rack and […]

Thursday 24th May

A) 15 min to find a 1rm Power Clean. If new to the lift do 6 x 3 on ascending weight   B) In pairs E2MOM, 5 sets 3 position power clean @ 80% ish of max clean or same weight as top set of 3   C) 3 Rounds: 30s Hollow hold + 10 […]

Wednesday 23rd May

A) 3 sets   6 ring dips Ring (add load if possible) Stable Tip Toe   SS   4 chin ups Weighted BW/ Spotted -ve Tip Toe   B) Working in pairs on an erg   3x8min AMRAPs, 2 min transitions   12/10 10/8 8/6 cals on A.Bike and 8 burpees, complete this work before […]