Tuesday 22nd May

A) Back Squat 1 or 3/5rm depending on training history,   Stress the 3 or 5 is not a regression, just more appropriate for newer members   B) 15min AMRAP   15 Wall Ball Shots 10 Box Jumps 10 Goblet Step Ups (5ES) 32/24 24/16 16/12

Monday 21st May

A) Work In Pairs:   37 min on the clock   A) 22 min E2MOM, in pairs alternate minutes:   4 x 5 strict press Take bars from floor   4 x 5 Barbell rows, 1s pause bar in contact with lower ribs   3 x 5 Rollouts from standing Rollouts from kneeling Walkouts into […]

Sunday 20th May

A) 16 min on the clock, In Pairs Accumulate: 5min Goblet squat hold 32/24 20/16/12/8/BW 4min Long plank (hands in front of shoulders) Straight arm plank Forearm plank, kneeling if needed 3min Freestanding HS hold HS against the wall Wall walk, 45 degrees 2min Hollowhold Dish Tuck Hold legs   In your remaining time both […]

Saturday 19th May

A) 6 sets build weight:   3 Jumping back squats 3s pause in the bottom (Aim is to develop power from the bottom of the squat, drive explosively up after the pause and try and jump) 3 back squats 3s pause in the bottom 5 back squats 1s pause in the bottom B) “Shuddersfield”   […]

Friday 18th May

A) 5×3 Snatch Power snatch if mobs restrict. Higher reps for less experienced.   B) 18 min – 1 min transitions between movements: 2min TABATA snatch set up (20s @ knee, 10s @ shin) 20/15 15/10 PVC   2min TABATA Burpees   2min TABATA OH squat hold 20/15 15/10 PVC Just do wide grip OH […]

Thursday 17th May

A) 4 sets: Max reps strict press @ roughly 50% BW   Straight Into max reps press ups / kneeling   On your last rep hold solid plank for further 30s   B) 2 rounds of each: 3min AMRAP:   6 Pistols 3ES Elevated pistols Supported pistols using rings Front step up   12 SA […]

Wednesday 16th May

A) Power Clean 5×3 Reset every rep Those newer to the lift do sets of 5-6 15 min cap   B) Deadlift 3 x 3 Reset every rep Those newer to the lfit do sets of 6-8 8min cap   C) 5 rounds For Time, 12 min cap   10 Pull Ups/ Jumping 10/8/6 Burpees […]

Tuesday 15th May

A) Pull Ups 4×2-4 Weighted Chin Ups Spotted Singles Tip Toe   SS   Tuck Hold off boxes Accumulate 15s L-Sit 30s Tuck L-sit 60s support hold   Stable holds only but if looking solid enough to try rings go for it   B) 6x3min max round stations, 30sec to move round   DU’s / […]

Monday 14th may

A) Back Squat 6×2-4   C) In Pairs 15min AMRAP:   50 Wall Ball Shots 50 Goblet step Ups 32/24 20/16 12/8 50 Power Hang Cleans 40/30 30/20 20/15 50 Thrusters   Break Up the work how you want  

Sunday 13th May

A) 4 sets of 12 SA Landmine press, 6 each side.   SS   8 Pistols (add load if possible) Elevated pistols Supported pistols using rings Front step up   B) 5x3min on 1 min off   AMRAP   5 Deadlifts 100/70 70/50 40/30 15 Wall Ball Shots   Continue where you left off,