Saturday 12th May

A) 12 min to find a 1rm Power Snatch   Drop to 85 – 90% and hit 10 clean singles. No step corrections.   30min 2 rounds for time:   800m Run 80 Air Squats 40 Burpees 20 Front squats 60/40 40/30 30/20

Friday 11th May

A) 3 sets ME strict Pull ups straight into ME hanging leg raises   ME chin ups into ME hanging Knee tucks 3-5 assisted chin ups / 10 ring rows into max effort hang (tiptoe support if needed)   SS   Accumulate 20s freestanding HS hold 30s wall supported HS 60s wall walk / Walkout […]

Thursday 10th May

A) In pairs 10 – 1   Back Squats 100/70 70/50 40/30 and stable Dips/ Press Ups   Swap after a round, I do 10 BS 10 Dips, you do 10 BS 10 Dips etc   It’s a lot of volume so take it easy on the weight, the 10 BS should be do-able unbroken. […]

Wednesday 9th May

A) 5 Working sets, build to max weight   1 Power clean 1 Hang squat clean 1 Front Squat 1 STOH   Newer members do 3 of each movement for practice reps   B) For time:   2 Rounds   40 Pull Ups/ Jumping   20 GTOH 60/40 40/30 20/15   10  

Tuesday 8th May

A) Power Snatch 4×3 No T&G Sets of 6 for less experienced.   B) Deadlift 4×4   SS   8 Double Kettle Bell Thrusters Use DBs if struggling with stability   C) 5min AMRAP   10 Jumping Air Squats Air squats 10 Jumping lunges Lunges (5es) 5 Clap press ups Press Ups Kneeling press ups […]

Monday 7th May

A) 5 sets 6 ring dips Ring (add load of possible) Stable Tip Toe   SS   6 Barbell Bent Over rows (supinated)   B) 15min YG/IG AMRAP:   3 BMU 6 Pull-ups 9 Jumping pull ups 6 Power Snatches (hang power snatches or GTOH to scale) 9 Back squats 40/30 30/20 20/15 (Do front […]

Sunday 6th May

A) Back Squat 5×3   SS   Med Ball Squat Jump Throws across gym to partner, 5 each   Walk round outside of gym,   B) 5 sets 10 Goblet steps ups (5es)   SS   Seated russian twist with med ball, throw to partner as you rotate. 10 one direction then swap for 10 […]

Saturday 5th May

A) Work for 20mins   One person does:   3 Push Press, 3 Thrusters 6 Front Squats   Choose own weight   The Other does:   3 wall walks nose to wall Wall walks to 45 degrees walkouts 10/8/6 Burpees   Swap when both complete,   B) 20min AMRAP   Two rounds of Cindy 5 […]

Friday 4th May

A) 5 sets: 5 T&G Power Cleans plus 5 T&G Deadlift Allow reset if struggling with setup position   B)  Pull Ups 4×2-4 Weighted Chin Ups Spotted Singles Tip Toe   SS   4-6 Rollouts Rollouts from standing Rollouts from kneeling Walkouts into long plank + 5s hold Walkouts into normal plank + 5 s […]

Thursday 3rd May

5x5min Stations with 1min transition   A) Sets of 20 DB Snatch 30/20 20/1515/10 Partner to hold sand bag while waiting,   B) Sets of 10/8/6 or 8/6/4 Cals Ski Erg, Squat hold while waiting   C) YG/IG 10/8/6 or 8/6/4 Cals A.Bike, Hollow hold while  while waiting   D) CFA 1 legless rope climb […]