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  • Monthly Archives: March 2019

    Sunday 31st March

    A) Lifting in pairs, 30 min running clock: E2MOM3 x 3 Muscle snatch Then 3 x 3 Power snatch Then3 x 3 Power clean Then 3 x 3 Clean pull Then3 x 3 DeadliftTry and increase weight each set, all reps should be T&G as long as set up position […]

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    Thursday 28th March

    A) 12 min, 4 sets3 split jerks from the rack2s pause in catch position B) 20 min, 4 rounds: 2.5 min on, 2.5 min off400 / 300 / 200m Run Then AMRAP Wall balls 9/6 6/3 Score total wall balls

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    Tuesday 26th March

    A) 12 min EMOM1st min:RED: 15s Tuck leverBLUE: 30 Hanging L (tuck if needed) GREEN: 30s Active hollow hang 2nd min:RED: 10 pistols (add load if possible or elevate whole foot if needed) BLUE: 10 ring hold pistols GREEN: 10 goblet rear lunges B) 6 min, 3 rounds E2MOM10 forearm plank to straight arm plank […]

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    Sunday 24th March

    A) 15 min, 5 sets RED: 2-3 archer pull ups, each armBLUE: 3-5 assisted chin-ups (use partner or toes on box) GREEN: 10-12 ring rows(Use angle to get the right difficulty) ss 5-8  RED: Ring dipsBLUE: Stable dipsGREEN: Tiptoe support dips B) 12 min, 4 sets 8-12 Reverse hypers on […]

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