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  • Monthly Archives: April 2019

    Wednesday 1st May

    A) 15 min, 5 sets 4 Back Squat, 2s pause at the bottom 70-75% if you know your max B) 10 min, 4 sets YG/IG 10 alternating Barbell front rack rear lunges C) For time: 50 thrusters 20/15 / training bar / air squats 400m run 7 min cap D) […]

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    Tuesday 30th April

    A) 15 min, 5 sets8 floor pressss1-3 strict ring MUs3 Banded ring transition (if can already do 1 strict pull-up and dip)3-5 negative chin-ups or 10-12 ring rows (Use angle to scale difficulty) B) 15 min5 x 1 min on, 2 min off 30s max reps sandbag GTS alternating sides […]

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    Saturday 27th April

    A) 15 min, 5 sets3 deadliftsss20-30s l-sitstraight legs / single leg / tuck Work on the rings only if you can keep elbows locked out, elbow pit rotated forward and shoulders depressed and retracted. Otherwise hit these points working on a stable support with DBs on boxes B) 10 min, 4 sets YG/IGReverse hypers […]

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    Friday 26th April

    A) 15 min, 5 sets 15-30s Freestanding HS (spot if needed) / Wall walk nose to wall or 45 degrees / Plank  (All hollow body)ss15s Tuck lever30 Hanging L (tuck if needed)30s Active hollow hang B) 15 min paired AMRAP20m HS walk /wheelbarrow walk /bear crawl (hips above head if possible) each 20m single arm farmers […]

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    Thursday 25th April

    A) 10 min, 10 sets1 back squats EMOM 80-85% if you know your maxes(Stay with 3 reps if newer to the lift) B) 10 min, 4 sets YG/IG5 Quad Nordics C) 4 x 90s on 90s off 20 wall balls 9/6 6/3 Max burpee box jumps / steps 24”/20” Score: Burpee box jumps

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    Wednesday 24th April

    A) 15 min, 5 sets3 power cleans,2s pause at the knee B) 18 min EMOM6 roundsi) Row / Bike Ski cals 12/10 10/8 8/6ii) 20 Russian swings 40/32 24/20 16/12 iii) 30 DUs / SUs Change erg everyround, you’ll hit eachone twice

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    Tuesday 23rd April

    A) 15 min, 5 sets3 Push pressss5 strict C2B pull ups (add load if possible) / 3-5 C2B chin-ups (use assisted or negatives where appropriate) / 10-12 ring rows(Use angle to get the right difficulty) B) 15 min time cap 100 burpees E5MOM 400m run *Start with a run

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    Monday 22nd April

    A) 5 sets, 15 min3 Power snatch, 2s pause at the knee B) 5 sets, 15 min5 Snatch deadlifts ss8 DB rows each arm C) 15 min cap5 rounds in pairs8 Up and overs / (2-4-1 if you use an assist from your partner) / 16 Hanging knee raise16 Hang power cleans 60/40 40/30 20/15 […]

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