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  • Monthly Archives: June 2019

    Monday 1st July

    A) Across 5 sets build to a 7 rep max front squat taking bars off the floor. B) 15 min Paired AMRAP 60 deadlifts 50 Hang power cleans 40 STOH 60/40 40/30 20/15 5 synchro air squats every time you break

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    Sunday 30th June

    A) 5 sets5 Strict HSPU (go to deficit if possible)2-3 deficit negative HSPU plus 5 Pike press ups toes on box5-8 Pike press ups toes on box5-8 Pike press ups knees on box (use abmat to scale depth if needed)ss5 Strict TTB Leg raise to 90 degrees Knees to chest […]

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    Saturday 29th June

    A) 5 x 3 Snatch bal(3 Power snatch bal or5 BTN wide grip push press) B) 3 setsIn pairs, YG/IG1 Turkish get up plus 10m waiter walk each armSwap after full round C) 20 min AMRAP10 Power snatch35/25 30/20 20/1510 Burpees20 Wall ball 9/6 6/3

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    Friday 28th June

    A) 6 x 3 min AMRAPs, 3 min rests. Half group works, half rests 1. Row 12/10 cal 8 TTB K2E Hanging knee raise2. Ski 12/10 cals25 DUs / SUs3. Bike 12/10 cals10 Goblet step ups32/24 20/16 12/8 Complete each one twiceScore rounds and reps for each

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    Thursday 27th June

    A) 12 min window to establish max hang clean (time to include warm-up sets)(5 x 3 hang cleans or5 x 5 hang power cleans) B) 3 sets5 box jumps 24”/20”Holding DBsJust bodyweightLower box or step upsss15 banded KB swings C) Tabata single arm DB thruster (swap arms each round)22.5/15 15/10 […]

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    Wednesday 26th June

    A) 7 x 1 split jerk from the rack @ 80-90%, no misses(3 push press) B) 3 sets8 strict press into5 barbell front rack split squats each leg (take bars from the floor) C) 7 min7 rounds7 6 5 burpees for timeRest exactly 30s between rounds

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    Tuesday 25th June

    A) “Logan”In groups of 2-3: 5 x 60s d-ball / sandbag 40m carry into AMRAP load onto 48”/40” platform. 2min rests while your partners workScore total platforms, RX weight would be bodyweight object B) 16/5/19 repeat20 min, in pairs complete:3 full rounds each, swap after each full round8 Devil press22.5/15 […]

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    Monday 24th June

    A) “The Widowmaker”Build to 20RM Back squat3 attempts max(4 x 12)  B) 12 min3 rounds2 min on 2 min off200m runmax cals in the remaining timeRotate round the ergs and hit each onePartner works while you rest

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    Sunday 23rd June

    A) Lifting in pairs, 30 min running clock:E2MOM3 x 3 Muscle snatchThen3 x 3 Power snatchThen3 x 3 Power cleanThen3 x 3 Clean pullThen3 x 3 Deadlift  Try and increase weight each set, all reps should be T&G as long as set upposition is good, otherwise, reset. One person lifts […]

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    Saturday 22nd June

    A) 5 sets15-20s Freestanding HS20-30s HS hold with Kick up to the wall20 – 30s Wall walk up to a HS hold plus practice 3-5 kick ups 30-60s Straight arm plank hold ss1-3 reps full skin the cat in and out of German hang with 5s hold, stay tuckedSkin cat […]

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