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  • Adam Bailey

    Thursday 1st August

    A) 15 min, 5 sets 3 squat cleans, 2s pause in the bottom of the catch B) 16.1 18 min paired AMRAP 20m OH DB walking lunge / DB goblet lunge each (swap arms after 10m if OH) 22.5/15 15/10 7.5/5 8 C2B Pull-ups Pull-ups jumping each 20m OH DB […]

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    Monday 1st July

    A) Across 5 sets build to a 7 rep max front squat taking bars off the floor. B) 15 min Paired AMRAP 60 deadlifts 50 Hang power cleans 40 STOH 60/40 40/30 20/15 5 synchro air squats every time you break

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    Sunday 17th March

    A) 15 min, 5 sets 15s tuck lever hold 30s hanging hollow leg / knee raise 60s active hollow hang ss 30 hollow hold Extended holding 5-10 kg plate Extended Single leg or tucked B) 12 min, 5 sets 3 TGU each arm C) 15 min paired AMRAP 400m sandbag […]

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    Friday 15th March

    A) 12 min, 4 sets 3 Power snatches, 2s pause at the knee (Go from hang, with the hold, if struggling with setup position) B) 16 min, 6 sets 4 Deadlifts C) Tabata air squats Score your lowest round

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    Thursday 14th March

    A) 15 min, 5 sets 5 HSPU (go to deficit if possible) 2-3 defecit negative HSPU plus 5 Pike press ups toes on box 5-8 Pike press ups toes on box 5-8 Pike press ups knees on box (use abmat to scale depth if needed) ss 12 Barbell rows B) […]

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    Sunday 10th March

    A) 14 min EMOM 1st min: 1-3 strict ring MUs / 3 Banded ring transition (if can already do 1 strict pull-up and dip) / 3-5 negative chin-ups or 10-12 ring rows (Use angle to scale difficulty) 2nd min: 3 candlesticks Extended / Single leg / Tucked B) HS walk […]

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    Friday 8th March

    A) 36 min 6 x 3 min AMRAPs, 3 min rests. Half group works, half rests Row 12/10 cal 8 TTB K2E Hanging knee raise Ski 12/10 cals 25 DUs / SUs Bike 12/10 cals 10 Burpees Complete each one twice

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