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  • May 26, 2019

    Monday 27th May

    A) 15 min, 5 sets
    3 push press
    30s hollow hold Extended holding 5kg plate above chest Extended
    Single leg or tucked

    B) 8 min Rope climb workshop
    Efficiency tips for experienced climbers Learning how to get feet locked on the rope and just holding
    Find an angle to pull-up to standing with a laying or seated start keeping feet on the floor

    C) 22 min Paired AMRAP
    30/20 25/15 20/10 cals any erg, try and rotate
    20 double DB power clean 30/20 20/15 10/7.5
    10 legless rope climbs legged rope climbs rope climbs with heels on the floor from a laying start

    D) Tabletop stretch