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  • September 22, 2017

    Saturday 23rd September

    A) 12 – 2 T & G Power Snatch in Pairs

    (Allow reset if struggling with setup position)


    Power Cleans if needed,


    as you pass through the sets, Increase the weight


    After you’ve each completed a set both complete the following work to buy into next set of snatches:


    20/15/10 Wall Balls Each,

    9/6 only,

    10 Synchro Down Ups

    3 100m Shuttles Each


    B) In pairs 3 rounds each:


    Hollow hold for 30sec

    Progress to moving between hollow crunch to hollow hold,


    10 back extensions with PVC


    10 plate russian twists (5 each way), poor demo here, try and keep legs together, straight and antimovement


    I do an exercise then you bloody do one,


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