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  • May 26, 2018

    Sunday 27th May

    Work on these 6min Stations in 3’s

    A) 2 x Prowler Push down drag back @ roughly BW, then 5 burpees. Rotate around in your 3

    B) Heavy sand bag Carry around Gym. Two bags moving, at once

    C) Rope Climb


    X1 Legless

    X2 with feet

    X3 laying start, feet stay on floor

    2 people moving at once


    D) D – Ball GTS, depending on weight being used, 1 or 2 people moving at once


    E) 1 person does 15 Plate GTOH 20/15 15/10 10/5


    Then all 3 10 synchro down ups to plate

    Rotate the person on GTOH each set


    B) CFAE Bleep test

    20sec to complete 5/4/3 out and back shuttles between two 5m cones,

    Rest 10sec

    Keep going until failure


    Score = Set you got to