Thursday 19th March

March 18th 2020 BY Debbie Hezlewood NO COMMENTS

A) 15 min, 6 sets
2 split jerks from the rack, 1s pause in catch

B) In pairs, 15 min
75 Sandbag over shoulder
E3MOM including the start
30/20 25/15 20/10 cals on an erg

Change erg each round, share work as you like

C) Lower body rotation stretch

Homewerk Version

A) 15 min, 6 sets 3 KB split jerk or push press each arm with 2s pause in the catch position (or overhead for push press)

B) 15 min 75 KB taters E2MOM including the start Run 100m (or 15s out, 15s back)

C) Lower body rotation stretch


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