5x5min Stations with 1min transition


A) Sets of 20 DB Snatch 30/20 20/1515/10

Partner to hold sand bag while waiting,


B) Sets of 10/8/6 or 8/6/4 Cals Ski Erg, Squat hold while waiting


C) YG/IG 10/8/6 or 8/6/4 Cals A.Bike,

Hollow hold while  while waiting



1 legless rope climb from seated start

2 legless rope climb from standing or jumping start

3 laying start, feet stay on floor, hips leave the ground first


X1 Legless

X2 with feet

X3 laying start, feet stay on floor



E) YG/IG Partner Bear Crawl x4 lengths

Use band resistance at CFA, sled resistance in harness at CFAE. When pulling the sled partner helps to turn the sled round