Warm up: (8 min)
10 Inch worms
PVC Burgener WARM up
Strength (22  min)
In Pairs . 2 groups: one group does all 4 sets on PS and the other group all sets on L-sits. (10 min) Then both groups swap. (another 10 min)
A1) Pulling strength:
4 x 3 T&G Power Snatch @ 80% of 1rm
A2) L sits/ core:
4 x 15 Sec LSit on floor
4 x 25 sec on rings
4 x 30 sec on in between 2 boxes with knees tucked in
Metcon: (12 Mins)
Regional workout 7ish Paired
* 8 minute cap
84 T2B/ K2E / HK
16 OH Squat – (93/61 RX for regional athletes not for our box)
* Our scaling: 70/55    50/35    40-30/30-20
* Or if you can’t do OH squat on green weights and the issue is mobility, use Front squats so you can still have a good workout – chose your own weight, but challenging.

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