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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is challenging, rewarding, incredibly addictive and fun! Look and feel better while becoming the fittest you have ever been, no matter what your background.

At CrossFit Aldgate we provide you with top class instruction, proven training and nutrition programmes, team mates, competitors and accountability for every workout.

Our passionate, experienced coaches use scaled elements from the most successful fitness programmes to teach people of all ages and abilities to move more effectively and perform better at life. This is always done in supportive small group sessions and, combined with our bespoke nutrition programme, will deliver measurable improvements in all aspects of your fitness, and body shape, fast!

With constantly varied programming, the usual boring, repetitive gym training is revitalised through the challenge of learning new skills, progressing through various levels, and enjoying some healthy competition between friends – this truly is the sport of fitness!

Crossfitters come in all shapes and sizes, and every day thousands of people all over the world meet to go through the journey towards health and fitness. A journey that makes them better as athletes, friends and people.

But the only way to really answer the question: ‘What is CrossFit?’, is to try it.

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