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CrossFit training uses a wide variety of movements, including Olympic weightlifting and gymnastic, so before you join our main classes you can go through our ‘Foundation course’ to prepare you for the technical demands of these exercises. Even if you have already been training but have not done CrossFit before you should go through this course so you are familiar with everything that will be thrown at you in the main programme.

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Foundation Course

The foundations course is where you will be taught the technique for all the essential movements and skills used in CrossFit. You have a whole month where you can train every day in our five different foundations sessions. Once all five are complete you can repeat them, move on to full membership or both. £79

If you want to speed up the process we also have a Fastrack Foundations which is delivered via three personal training sessions. Having a trainer all to yourself means you get more detailed feedback so you can progress to the main workouts faster than before. You will be able to book your sessions to suit your own schedule and on completing the foundations course will be ready for full membership and to achieve your true physical potential. £120

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Beginners & the Experienced

Even if you are fit and active, in regular training or have tried CrossFit workouts on your own, we still require you to complete our foundations course.

We guarantee that you will find it beneficial as our training programme differs from anything you are likely to have encountered before and it always helps to develop flawless technique before increasing intensity.

If you are none of the above then these initial sessions will play a crucial part in preparing you for the challenge ahead.

If you have already trained at a CrossFit box and can show competency at the foundational movements we will be happy for you to join full sessions without completing the foundations course.

If you are interested in membership please email to book an intro WOD. If you are visiting and want to drop in please select your session on our schedule page and follow the registration process.

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